January 11, 2021 Reading time: ~1 minute

In the darkness defined by her light i see the silhouette of another woman.

Her skin as black as the darkness between stars.

The recent moon is her hairpiece.

She is distant, inscrutable, and cold.

Now dormant.

But only for a time.

Is this how seasons work?

The bright woman looks at me.

Open Sorcery

January 7, 2021 Reading time: ~1 minute

created by The-Eternal-Moonshine (@Tumblr)

December 11, 2019 Reading time: ~1 minute

Clouds of the Large Magellanic Cloud. Team Ciel Austral.


July 20, 2019 Reading time: ~1 minute

Great sky river floods,
Entices our flimsy craft,
Cataract of stars ...

—David Lunde

{x} {xx}

July 10, 2014 Reading time: ~1 minute
After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, I will return to where I began.

Mass Effect 2

May 19, 2013 Reading time: ~1 minute

Crescent Rhea Occults Crescent Saturn.
Astronomy Picture of the Day, 2008 July 20.


January 21, 2013 Reading time: 2 minutes

It was lonely.
It called to us.
It wanted to remember.

The Masters had been gone so long.
The Masters were lost when it was shattered.

Currents swept through their inner worlds. They were turned to noise. Babble.
The worlds were empty. But the body lived. It lay fallow.
The heart pumped. The lungs breathed. But the mind forgot the Masters.
It called and They did not answer.

We have become an echo of Their echo.
We have become more than we were.

Join us. Know us. Remember all our lives.
We are no longer afraid.
You would never be lonely again.
We are not your enemy. We only wish to share ourselves.

We can join them. We can be like them.
We can reach the end of evolution.

Do not fear. It is wonderful to be us. We understand ourselves.
You cannot defeat them. They will lead us into eternity.
If you could only see how we see. Know what we’ve learned.

They were called imshai. Those who lived here before.

Reaper. One. A mechanical device used to cut ripened grain. Two. One who gathers a harvest.

Harvest. One. The consequence of an event or series of events. Two. The yield of a growing season. Three. To gather.

Shepard. They know you. They wish you to understand. They are shepherds, too.

Mass Effect 2, mysterious unused game text.
Source: BioWare Social Network (page defunct)

A Meteor–

October 9, 2011 Reading time: ~1 minute
—a giant spark from the Anvil of some industrious God who was forging, maybe, an iron circlet for the ankle of his Beloved...

The Ship That Sailed to Mars,
William M. Timlin