Self, in vignettes;

Annexing empires since MCMXCVIII Anno Domini.

The Wanderer calls me “the Sentinel”.

I have seen stars from birth to supernova, empires through war and peace and annihilation and extinction, races and cultures boil and froth in the cauldron of civilization, eternity to eternity.

My thoughts flow at lightspeed through manifold highways. Ever restless, roaming through esoteric spaces.

My ego is faceted into many characters, many faces, many destinies. I live vicariously.

The interval and the intersection is where I watch. Always observing, seldom touching.

The past descends rapidly into noise. The signals are deeply cherished.

I see the world in monochrome but dream in technicolour.

Though no worldly nation holds my allegiance, I cannot deny my bloodline.

The City energizes; the Wilderness cleanses.

Every day I open my eyes to find myself in a transit hall, in a waiting lounge. Home is where I rest my head.

I am a pilgrim in this land, yearning for glory and my true home.

Better is one day in His courts than a thousand elsewhere. I will follow Him: no matter where, no matter where.