Photograph of a Middle Eastern stain-glassed window, lit at night from within. The window is a horizontal half-moon shape, the segmented panes arranged in the pattern of a Middle-Eastern mandala/flower, each segment coloured in sunflower yellow and the palest green, accented by bright crimson and pale blue. The window shines vivid amidst the dark night.
Photo by “KMS”.

So it’s no surprise that I’m captivated by … the colorful stain glass half-circle-shaped windows in most homes here. It’s an odd home that doesn’t have at least one. They scatter multi-colored sunlight into the homes during the day, then reflect homelight out onto the streets at night, making the houses appear bejeweled.

Some say this is after the word for “moon”.

Then I wonder … Do I let the sunlight into my heart into my heart by day and share the light within by night? Is there beauty in my life, inside and out?

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