sailing into eternity

To watch the rising dawn
Ever pursue the arrow of time
Waking nights and endless dreaming
Behold, the city of forever
Astride her ramparts the sentinels wait
Echoes of songs, the future’s herald
Upon the great Sky River I walk
Streaming over infinity’s threshold
And the stars cycle forth
Day to day, Age to Age
We sail into eternity

(circa 2002)

Come to Me

Come to me
while I’m sleeping,
so their wagging tongues
might not find you, my love!

All the while
they lie down,
our lighter souls fuse,
fly and dive, my love.

So, stamp this night so strong,

that I will remember
and have it ever after!

Come to me
in my dreaming,
so their wagging tongues
might not find you, my love!

‘Round the corner,
back of hands,
they’ll still be talking
whether or not we’d ever,
whether we’d ever, my love.


– Vangelis, Voices (1995);
vocals by Caroline Lavelle

We Are Shangri-La

We raise and raze our city
like the strangest house of

a ghost-breath mist of snow
where no snow falls

for we are
Atlantis and the town of Prester

Three weeks apart from
never, we dance and do not

We are

History has dreamed
of us. History has dreamed of

Those who know the way,
many times return.

History has
dreamed of us, building up our

just to watch it burn.

are Shangri-la.

We carry
goddess-dust upon our skin,
wherever we go,

rising with
bright feathers in the

Blessed by the wind, we
dance; we thrive.

We shimmer in
the never-was.

We are

Those who know the

Relieving saddened sleep
and fitful visions, we return.

raise our city high. We watch our
city burn.

We are the mirage for
those who dare to come and

The burning in our blood
will set us free.
We are free.

are Shangri-la.


– S.J. Tucker, Quartered: Songs of Palimpsest (2009)