I have never left the ocean,

for the land is passive and sedentary. Is there not the saying ‘as old as the hills’? The earth changes not, and one wearies swiftly of this monotony. Nay, life on the static realm is not for me.

I have never left the ocean. See the waves, ever shifting and ruffling. Today they are calm, but they shall boil and foam tomorrow, and rise towering in mighty rollers. ‘Tis Change, dark child. One feels it beneath one’s feet, beneath the slender planks of the ship’s frail hull; one sees it day after day, in these sullen waters and cruel deeps.

I have never left the ocean, even though she is a ruthless mistress; for she embodies change. And she is everlasting. Can one resist her heavy hand? Shall Akallabêth rise again from the abyss? Can you fight the tides of time? Dark child from distant lands, heed me: cling no more to the vestiges of the past, for they shall be swept away like flotsam in the surf. Change is eternal, as the ocean sea.

– Azrapûh the Old, Black Númenórean and boatswain of the Ulbâzathêl.(written c. 2003)