Black-and-white photograph of a man and woman straddling a brick wall. She sits in his lap, her legs around his waist; his hands encircle her face; their foreheads are pressed together in a close embrace.
Photo source unattributed.

See that young man and young woman. They have fallen in love at first sight.
In a short while there is a deep affection, and a strong heart love, the one toward the other. What is a heart of love? A heart of faith. Faith and love are kin.
In the measure that that young man and that young woman love one another they are true.
One may go to the North and the other to the South, but because of their love they will be true to each other.

– Ps Steve Roberts

Photograph. A bald eagle in flight, wings downswept, beak opened in anticipation.
Martin Klimas.

The photographs of birds of prey are selfies in the broadest sense. As soon as they have taken flight, the birds pass through a light beam sensor, effectively snapping their own pictures. Klimas shows them in a perfect paradox: although these images are captured at the moment of ultimate physical tension, the subjects appear strangely still and lifeless against the stark, grey background.