“Chasm”, by Michael Whelan

Fantasy painting. A beam of light pours down a sheer stone wall, mottled and stained with age. A shallow, triangular-shaped recess has been cut into this otherwise unbroken wall. A girl in a white robe stands on the edge of this recess, gripping its sloping side, looking down into the chasm.
“Chasm” (2000) by Michael Whelan.

This is a metaphor of life on so many levels.

This image is so evocative; it touches me to my very core. Sometimes I am there in dreaming. Sometimes I am there in reality. Always, that exhilarating, terrifying feeling in my core – in my mind, in my heart, in my bones, in my kidneys.

He says: there is only one way. One way to death, one way to destiny.

She will fall to be lost in the abyss, and she will rise in indomitable flight. She will fly, or walk on air. Of course. Doesn’t it always turn out that way?