I hear a sound.

It is music, silver and bright like shards of glass scattered in the sun. It is swift like running water; it is ever going somewhere, rushing and flowing and racing; fell like a dragon, or proud like a stallion, or mighty like a raging torrent. It is both bright like glittering swords, and dark as summer thunderheads. It is going somewhere – the future is its destination, and it is calling me to join also.

In my consciousness the music explodes like stars going nova, and the sight is so radiant and beautiful that it makes my heart ache, while tears blot out my vision, in the presence of such beauty.

Oh – I cannot resist it, its voice is too beautiful and so fell; the siren that cries, Come to me.

This is the sound of the future, and who can resist the future? It means leaving the old behind, forsaking it for the new and the unknown.

Perhaps this is what the Call is like – that sweet and achingly beautiful voice that is so fatal, that the People cannot resist. It is radiant, it makes all things new and bright. Beyond the brightness is the unknown, and what does it conceal?

The music encompasses me.

I feel the cavernous reverberation beneath my feet, the lightning shards glittering, and the towering lofty constructs twining into a sold wall, and the soaring chords like explosions of light – higher, higher and faster, and brighter, we go.

I go.

—30 June 2008. The music still rings in my ears, majestic, puissant, irresistible.

Vega speaks–

About himself;

“To Nu Cai di Finney and Olkiree I was Radiance. To Shin-farys, Ifreyd and the Avoneriss and Branterris Corridors I was the Wanderer. To the city of Wara I was the Noonday Hitman. The Miproese named a bitter war after me. To the D’banzakell Empress and her abductors I was the Blind Pilot. To the Fo Territories, I was Vega, even though I had never once entered that sector. To Yshavi, Ju’irahinn and my mother-of-my-thought I am Ro Hyerdashei, and to Zhael I am Ro Hyerdashei and more beside. There are more names. Not all are true.”

Where he came from;

“In the year 14 of the Dumontian Age, I, Radiance Voyager, heard the Call. 386 days later – 341 days after I reunited with my beloved, and exactly 2,000 days after I departed Homeworld in search of her – I Answered the Call, and passed from the pentaverse. Now I am here.”

You can’t possibly get a good technology going

without an enormous number of failures. It’s a universal rule. If you look at bicycles, there were thousands of weird models built and tried before they found the one that really worked. You could never design a bicycle theoretically. Even now, after we’ve been building them for 100 years, it’s very difficult to understand just why a bicycle works – it’s even difficult to formulate it as a mathematical problem. But just by trial and error, we found out how to do it, and the error was essential.

– Freeman Dyson in a 1998 interview

“This is the heaven of the gods who sleep. All those that are not worshipped now are asleep.”

“Then does Time not kill the gods?”

“No. But for three or four thousand years a god is worshipped and for three or four he sleeps. Only Time is wakeful always.”

“But they that teach us of new gods, are they not new?”

“They hear the old ones stirring in their sleep being about to wake, because the dawn is breaking and the priests crow. These are the happy prophets: unhappy are they that hear some old god speak while he sleeps still being deep in slumber, and prophesy and prophesy and no dawn comes, they are those that men stone saying, ‘Prophesy where this stone shall hit you, and this.’”

“Then shall Time never slay the gods.”

“They shall die by the bedside of the last man.”

A Shop in Go-By Street, Lord Dunsany

Two Trees

There is a tree set broad and high,
Partake of it, if you would die.
There, on its branches, plain to see
A feast for thee.

“Take and eat”, O hear the Lie
I live still, and yet I die
Good and evil now I see
O cursed me.

But, see –

There is a tree set broad and high,
Partake of it, if you would die.
There, on its branches, plain to see
A feast for thee.

“Take and eat – my flesh I give”
Die I do, and yet, I live
Shattered curse by Thy decree,
O blessed Tree.

– Jen Wilkin

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